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Hiker or Boot sock-med. weight

Heavy weight sock: 2 styles

Dress sock: Solid colors and argyle

Dress, Mid-weight, Heavy-weight,Sport...

Sock World!

Price: $19.00

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Order by Phone: 724-458-9570

Shipping & Handling

We will ship your order for basically the cost of postage. Call us to place an order with a credit card.

Product Specs

  • Socks vary in price by weight: dress socks are $15, mid-weight are $19, and heavy-weight are $25. We have a great selection of color, style, and weights from low cut sport socks to the heavy weight sock for the outdoor enthusiast.

Product Description

Alpaca Socks...our best selling item in the store...and one that EVERYONE loves. You can buy a pair for yourself, but be prepared to share it with anyone else in your household. Once people try them on, it's hard to wear anything else on your foot! Alpaca socks are known for their warmth and softness (no more itchy feet with wool socks), but they also are great for the active person that wants to wick moisture away from their foot.